Contribute to the progress and well-being of humanity by invoking the imagination, stimulating the senses and awakening people’s emotions by investing in conscious and multiplier human beings.


To be a world reference in socio-corporate awareness in all areas through articulation and innovative management.


Our service packages are intended for native, urban or accessible areas, meeting the needs of the social sector, supporting the government and business sectors, through socio-corporate projects.

Below are our ways of acting and programes:


Co-creation activities

Development of proprietary projects or individual shares


We work with three groups of people: native, urban and determinant (people with physical, intellectual, multiple disabilities), identified in the logos below.

The symbol of Usina da Forma, our Brazilian social program, is the infinite; a continuous cycle of program improvement with its projects and actions.

We respect the individuality and free will of each one, where everyone has the right to leave their own legacy to be admired, improved and replicated.


(indigenous, quilombolas, ribeirinhos)


(people from the periphery or who live in the city)


(people with physical or intellectual disabilities).



(philanthropic education)


One of our friends had a daughter who died at birth, since then the family has always remembered this little baby as a little angel who always inspires them to be better and help others.

With this, her two other daughters accepted the mission of giving birth to the Beatrice Program on 08.05.2021.

With the implementation of projects developed by the girls, children and young people will always be able to get involved in the Alma program to improve what already exists, research, develop new possibilities, innovate and educate.

Better people build better places and change the world for the better…


(social and sustainable businesses)


Two great friends decided to prepare to do social projects together when they retired and could devote time to it.

Thus was born the Program that aims to implement positive ecosystems and financial education in small communities around the world, in addition to projects that help them bring solutions that help the world to be a better place.

With the implementation of these projects, we help communities to become community autarchies that promote well-being, a sense of collective good and help others through sustainable and innovative businesses.


We are a socio-corporate manager active in the area of ​​culture within the creative industry in an accessible way to everyone, with no physical, sensory, mental, intellectual or social barriers.

Through exclusive and replicable programs and projects, we integrate the public, private and social sectors. We articulate in an innovative and sustainable way the integration of the native and/or urban universe with the sense of collective good. We convert spending on social actions into socio-corporate investments with measurable impacts.

We value what each person(s) or area has the best to generate community sustainability, within the determined objectives and goals, in the aspects; environmental, scientific, technological, artistic, social, educational, cultural and economic, preserving the culture of impacted groups.

Nossa razão de existir é inspirar e dar a oportunidade de todos viverem melhor, mostrando que necessitamos acima de tudo, investir no ser humano, começando por nós mesmos.

Bem vindo a Torus Legacy Social!

Follow the step by step of this action for your understanding:

The idea is to show the power of a seed and a small fruit like açaí once you see part of this giant ecosystem. We will also talk about the EXPO 2020 weekly themes connecting our mind to create a better future. We believe that better people build better places.

1.The native people collect selvage açaí from the jungle

2.If the business get bigger they can plant açaí farms also

3.This açaí is processed

4.This community also produce handcraft products

5.This açaí is exported from Brazil to Dubai

6.This açaí will attend the needs of the restaurant, that attend the needs of the pavilion, that attend the needs of EXPO 2020, that attend a worldwide nee to rethink the sustainable development, innovation and communications solutions for a better society.

7.This açaí journey until reach to you, emite CO2 that we compensate from the UCS. With this a part of the profit if return to the Amazon forest that will be protected and part of the money reverted in social impact programs for the communities around the forest. So we get back to the principe.

A sustainable ecosystem need to be good for all and for the planet as well…

EXPO 2020 | space theme

LIVE with forest native people and EXPO 2020 visitors

LIVE with all to talk about the EXPO 2020 Themes

LIVE for everyone together in language of signs

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